Myriad Shades of Fullness

When a Guru enters the life of a seeker, the awareness of higher Self dawns. The Master acts as a catalyst for deep churning and realizing one’s divinity. The Guru is like a doorway that one sees when groping for shelter from rain and thunder, or hot sun. The same rain and thunder which appeared frightening, become beautiful and pleasant when one is inside the shelter.

In This Issue

Monsoon Ragas

Nature and music have always carried a deep connection with humanity. From the song of the koel to the whistling of the winds, the lashing of the waves to the gurgling of a spring, the rustling of the leaves to the pitter-patter of rains – every sound in nature has its unique rhythm. Likewise, the changing colors of the sky, the dazzling sunrises, the dazzling sunsets, and the dark monsoon clouds bring along with them, their own special moods and emotions.

Lockdown Heroes

The COVID 19 lockdown has caused immense distress to the daily wagers across India. They are struggling for basic needs like food. Being away from home has added to their fear and anxieties. Volunteers of The Art of Living have been trying to ease their situation and reaching out to them with food supplies, braving the risk to their own safety. They are the true lockdown heroes!

Immunity- The Natural Forces within

In the era of increasing number of diseases, importance has always been given to the Immunity of the Physical Body, mostly which is acquired externally. Seldom does one look inwards towards the Natural in- built immune system of our Body, Mind & Senses. According to Ayurveda, our Life, its quality and its quantity, is dependent upon the perfect combination of 4 factors- the Physical Body, the Mind, the Senses, and Our Soul.

Yoga Day Celebrations

On June 21, 2020, the 6th International day of Yoga, millions of participants virtually joined over 20,000 Sri Sri Yoga teachers from 156 countries, to celebrate the ancient wisdom and perform the Common Yoga Protocol. A Global Call to Join Yoga for Humanity was led by yoga experts from The Sri Sri School of Yoga. This was followed by World Meditation for peace and harmony led by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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