The Rhythm Divine

Music is that rhythm and harmony, that
flows from the universe to the individual,
the infinite to the finite.
The purifying tone of music and the likes
of it has been a part of our rich Indian
Culture and heritage for more than
thousands of years, with its origins dating
back to the Vedas. This is evident in the
sonic and musical dimensions of the
Sama Veda, that expounds the treasure of
melodies and chants.

In This Issue

Springs of love

Love is Amrit Swarupa cha – it makes you emotionally intoxicated and intellectually wonderstruck; it makes you repose in the Self, and also quietens you. It takes you towards the ultimate reality, the truth to Self-realization.

Bhagavad Gita – The Song of the Divine

When there is a conflict between the heart and
mind, there is no freedom. Wisdom puts the
heart and mind in their respective places and
brings inner freedom. That’s the job of a wise
person, of a Guru; to bring clarity. Lord Krishna
played the role of a Guru here. Arjuna said, “I
am your disciple; you are the only one who can
guide me now.”

A new lease of life for Kashmir

Kashmir valley is struggling to overcome the mental, economic and life-threatening challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic. At a time when the pandemic was at its peak, the Art of Living
conducted special programs to bring relief to the local people. These initiatives saw an overwhelming response from all the
districts of Kashmir valley.

Continue doing whatever you are doing. Be at peace in your mind

The mind is part of Time; a reflection of Time. One is born out of the other. That’s why, when you are happy, time moves quickly. If you don’t know how time passes, then you are happy. For somebody who is not well, even half an hour may seem long.

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